Hallo from Germany

For international member, in english if it possible, show us your project, an advert about your website/forum... only Polo, of course

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Hallo from Germany

Messagede GTfan67 le 07 Déc 09 00:26

Hello dear polo community,

My name is Dirk and I come from Germany. I'm 43 years old and an absolute Polofan since 1985.
I collect everything in details about the VW Polo, brochures, reports, logs ect.
My collection is very big and I'm always on the lookout for new.
lozoic know exactly where of I speak.:wink:
Because we often exchange news and information.
Well, this is the second time that I register. I hope I continue to stay here.

Oh, I drive a Polo 2f GT Year 01.1991 with 75 hp engine code 3f.
He is already very long in our family.
It's my second car, it is clear because if you have children you need a different car.
Currently, he is transformed a bit, but this will change in the near future. Since I will convert it back to original.

Ok, too much talking. I hope I can continue to help some here and hope we have lot of fun here.


Best greeting
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Messagede dj flex le 07 Déc 09 00:28

Welcome! :wink:
fandemapolo a écrit:T'as pas encore le moulin, tu sais pas ce qu'il vaut, tu l'as pas monté, mais il faut déjà le préparer ... :roll:
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Messagede lozoic le 07 Déc 09 07:09

Welcome :D :wink:
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Messagede oof-will le 07 Déc 09 09:22

Willkommen :D

Sorry for deleting your first account.

Each account with 0 posts will be deleted since Polo-Land can be read by non-members.
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Messagede Nico-J le 07 Déc 09 14:16

Welcome! 8)
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Messagede nycemyss le 07 Déc 09 21:03

Welcome!!! :D
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Messagede Arsene le 07 Déc 09 21:22

Welcome :wink:
Polo Classic '85 - Défunte

    Moi je suis sûr qu'avec deux bières ça irait mieux !

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Messagede Dexter le 07 Déc 09 21:28

Welcome :coucou:
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Messagede danathane le 07 Déc 09 21:53

Welcome my friend! nice car man :D
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Messagede jazon-collet le 21 Jan 10 14:55

Welcome :coucou:
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Messagede GT Peregrino le 21 Jan 10 21:29

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Messagede Ian_C le 07 Mai 10 09:17

oof-will a écrit:Each account with 0 posts will be deleted since Polo-Land can be read by non-members.

I don't see the point of that? :spamafote:

Luckily that I have posted then, I wasn't planning to make much posts either, since I'm not good at French. :chut:

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Messagede elbenobi le 07 Mai 10 10:35

second Welcom!
Image Image
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Messagede GTfan67 le 08 Mai 10 22:07

Thank you for your welcome.
It has been done since the registration.:wink:
Because of you, I came back to the original taste.
I hope you like it.
Little things are still remained, but they are altered.






this is my new fun mobile :D



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Messagede DuckSherminator le 09 Mai 10 00:04

Sweeeeeet :twisted:
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